The Alliance String Quartet has been performing together since 1998 and was formed using mostly members of The Alliance Symphony Orchestra. They have provided beautiful music for weddings, parties, dinners, church services, and have given concerts on occasions where requested, travelling throughout the entire state of Ohio and beyond..

Bohdan Subchak, Violin I, the ensemble's director, currently teaches violin, viola and cello at The University of Mount Union, Alliance, Ohio, and serves as concertmaster for The Alliance Symphony Orchestra.. He also performs regularly with the Wheeling, Akron, Tuscarawas Philharmonic, and Wooster Symphony orchestras .

Georgene Recchio, Violin II , is the quartet coordinator and performs regularly with the Alliance Wooster and Tuscarawas Philharmonic Orchestras.

Cathy Hill, Viola, is principal viola for the Tuscarawas Philharmonic, and has provided her services for the Wooster and Alliance Symphony orchestras.

Janet Slusser, substitule violist, is the retired teacher of strings for the Alliance City Schools, and has played in The Alliance Symphony, Tuscarawas Philharmonic, and Wooster Symphonies.

Nancy Thorn, violincellist, has received her bachelors degree in music performance from The Akron University, studying with a prominent teacher of The Cleveland Orchestra. She provides her services for the Tuscarawas Philharmonic, Wooster, and Alliance Symphony orchestras regularly.

Crystal Sabik, sub violoncellist, is the current teacher of strings in the Alliance City Schools, and has performed regularly for The Tuscarawas Philharmonic Orchestra.

Other performers offering their services to the quartet are Cornel and Anna Zotta, Cindy Snyder, Cynthia Kreiner, John Chiera, Josh Williams, Jamie Thornburg, Jessica Bryd Stearns, Mary Cooper,and Tshana Jefferson... All have excellent credentials which can be provided upon request.

Please contact Georgene Recchio, quartet coordinator for any other information required....
phone 1-330-477-6940
cell 1-330-546-9222,,,
You will find huge song lists and other information on our website, currently being updated.